viQtor 24/7 health monitoring.

In the Netherlands, thirteen people per day die after a fall incident. How can we keep the risk group autonomous and safe in their own home? And this without putting more pressure on our health care system, that is already more than 100,000 professionals short? Smart wearables are the way to go. SmartQare launches the viQtor wearable for 24/7 health monitoring, with Demcon as a key development partner.


• managing various multidisciplinary pieces of the puzzle
• bringing many sensors together in a small device
• safe streaming via mobile phone network
• safe cloud storage
• intelligent device design

small form factor Intelligence.

In almost all cases, fall incidents happen as a consequence of medical parameters caused by chronic illness. Once an incident has occurred, the follow-up largely defines the patient’s perspective. When help is not forthcoming for hours on end, hypothermia and dehydration can have long lasting effects on the patient. This results in suffering and high pressure on the health care system. A smart, small wearable that monitors vital health functions such as skin temperature, saturation and heart rate can prevent this. Fall detection, activity monitoring and positioning can guarantee swift action. When the patient doesn’t move for more than thirty seconds after a fall incident, a caregiver or health care professional automatically receives an alarm. The patient can be contacted to assess the situation and to act when necessary.

invisible vital support.

For the non-specialist, it might sound as a simple solution. And it is, in a way. But the amount of technology brought together is astounding. At the heart of it are the SmartQare algorithms. S3 Connected Health developed the backend communication and apps. Many other specializations are brought in by Demcon. viQtor is smaller than a smartphone, so that it can be worn almost unnoticed under clothing. Demcon has developed a design in which the three hundred components, including many sensors, come together in a tiny casing. The device is autonomous, water resistant and charges wirelessly. As it is a wearable, the case must be non-toxic. Thanks to the built-in intelligence that rules out a lot of useless data transfer, a narrow band IoT connection is enough to transmit vital data under almost all circumstances. ViQtor is now ready to support people with chronic disease unnoticed and to lower the pressure on the health care system.

“Societal relevance as driver.”

“Developing such a device gives the members of our multi-disciplinary development teams an extra energy boost. Working on a product with such a high societal relevance given them enormous motivation. That helps to attain the goal of speedy development.”