healthy and
structured innovation.

healthy and
structured innovation.

Demcon life sciences & health is a full service design house for medtech, biotech and IVD companies, providing a complete range of services to design, develop and manufacture your medical device.
As a leader in medical device development, our contract R&D services initiate at technology readiness levels 3 or 4, marking the inception of cutting-edge innovations.


Demcon life sciences & health services.

As a full-service design house, we provide a wide range of activities tailored to our customers’ specific needs. Our projects are diverse and vary in scope, allowing us to meet the unique requirements of each client.

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We strive to combine creativity and technical expertise to address complex technological and social challenges. Our goal is to make a direct or indirect positive impact on people and their surroundings. Through the development and production of advanced medical systems and products, we aim to improve people’s lives and enhance their living environment.


fast, painless and objective screening for rheumatoid arthritis.

ingenious and ergonomic design of steerable guidewires.

connectivity by design.


flying high to create shared value.

We employ our profound expertise and unlimited creativity to address technological and social challenges in a wide range of application areas. Whether we are developing advanced systems, bringing medical technology to real-life products or participating in demanding space projects: in collaboration with our customers and partners we create shared value.

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Our company offers medical device development and production to make a significant impact on patients, healthcare providers, and healthcare institutions globally. With a focus on large multinationals and pioneering start-ups, our solutions aim to transform the healthcare industry. From cutting-edge medical devices to advanced digital health platforms, our offerings improve patient outcomes, enhance the efficiency of healthcare providers, and empower healthcare institutions to deliver better care. We are dedicated to making a difference in healthcare worldwide and are committed to providing world-class products that drive positive change.


We are a full-service design house and provide contract R&D and related services.

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