full-service design house.

As a full-service design house, we are at the forefront of advancing healthcare solutions through cutting-edge technologies and a commitment to excellence. Our dedicated team brings together a wealth of experience, seamlessly integrating engineering, technology, and life sciences to drive transformative developments in the medical field. At Demcon life sciences & health, we are not just crafting products; we are shaping the future of healthcare, one innovative design at a time.

healthy and structured innovation.

Driven by unbounded curiosity we employ the vast potential of technology to make an impact on business and society. We have an open-minded approach toward technological challenges, thinking in terms of endless possibilities. Our mission is to guide our customers (aspiring start-ups as well as established OEMs) from innovative ideas and concepts to qualified products. We combine a structured, results-oriented project approach with a pragmatic, agile way of working.


open-minded and results-oriented.

Each time we embark on a customer journey we start by defining, analyzing and fathom the problem at hand, which results in capturing of the system requirements. Exploring a vast design space, we keep all options open and evaluate straightforward solutions as well as unconventional ideas. We employ relevant DfX methodologies and operate in an agile way at every project stage, focusing on results rather than a predetermined path. We provide tailor-made solutions, ranging from feasible concepts to market-ready products or systems.


main contractor for maximum collaboration.

As part of the Demcon group, we provide a wide range of competencies for new product introduction. We extend our broad expertise with specialized disciplines such as optics, multiphysics modeling, cryogenics, thermal management, visualization and animation. In addition, we are able to offer industrialization and manufacturing & assembly capabilities for volume production. Acting as the main contractor in large projects, we collaborate with customers, Demcon group members, knowledge partners and technology suppliers. With the help of our sophisticated quality system, in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, we supply high-quality, safe products. In medical product development we comply with ISO 13485:2016 and for management of occupational health and safety we adhere to the ISO 45001 standard.

Demcon life sciences & health

meet our executive team.

Contactgegevens-Michiel-Jannink-Demcon Michiel Jannink

Vice president Demcon Life Sciences & Health

Contactgegevens-Jeroen-Huijben-Demcon Jeroen Huijben

Managing director life sciences & health Enschede

Lisa op 't Hof

Managing director life sciences & health Eindhoven

Daniël Tan

Managing director life sciences & health Delft

Edo Aneke

Managing director of Demcon life sciences & health Maastricht

David-Rijlaarsdam_portret David Rijlaarsdam

Managing director of Data driven solutions

your partner in continuous innovation.

Tap into our profound expertise and unlimited creativity to help solve your technological and social challenges. Open-minded and driven by curiosity we engage in design projects. We operate in a wide range of markets, offer services from TRL 3 up to 9, and have the right skills and competencies to offer the solution that you need.

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Shoulder-to-shoulder, we create shared value together.







building a better future together.

We invest in technology that has the potential of providing solutions to social problems. Naturally we do this within Demcon itself, but we also invest in partnerships with other parties who show entrepeneurship and promossing innovations. This way we create value for a society faced by major challenges, supporting projects that have a positive impact on people and the world they live in.

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