my drive is to create products that benefit society.

During the corona pandemic, Demcon developed the DemcAir (a respiratory system), a mouth mask machine, and the Vaxtractor – for filling syringes automatically. These products were needed, and the people of Demcon realized it together with the users, such as doctors and employees of the GGD. This is how we work, says Edwin Beckers, Business Unit Manager Medical Systems at Demcon. “Fast and directly applicable to the customer.”

What Beckers likes about his job is that you can offer a tangible product as a solution to a customer’s problem. “We are a team of electronics, mechanical and biomedical engineers, as well as industrial designers, people who can do the clinical tests and people who can really look at the use within an organization. That is why we can quickly develop a tangible product. We have all the knowledge, except the medical specialists and healthcare workers themselves.”


  • offer a tangible product as a solution to a customer’s problem
  • change in the products Demcon develops for healthcare
  • being able to handle it properly
  • the drive and passion of the entrepreneur is what keeps the fire burning for our employees

burning need.

When Beckers talks about “fast”, he means one or two years, tops. A product like the DemcAir – a CO-VERSATILE project – was available exceptionally quick. At the beginning of the corona crisis there was an emphatic demand from the government, Beckers says. Within a month, there was a complete and tested system. “But with each project, there is a time constraint. There is always a ‘burning need’. Someone who wants it. That’s what makes it so beautiful. ”

Beckers is seeing a change in the products Demcon develops for healthcare. About five years ago, Beckers’ team mostly made the sophisticated heart monitoring machines, blood testers, or respiratory systems in the hospital. “Large devices that qualified doctors and nurses use. Typical mechatronics for specialists.”

home monitoring.

In addition to the technological applications within a hospital, there are more and more technical solutions that are used in general practices and at home. During the pandemic the demand for home monitoring and products in general practice already became more pressing and clearer, says Beckers. “I see that the hospital will primarily offer acute care. Anything that is not acute will shift to the primary care or home setting. Such as monitoring blood pressure or other vital signs with wearables.”

It's not just about the device’s engine, algorithm, or sensor. It's also about the user. ”


That’s how an entrepreneur came up with the idea for the Vaxtractor. The logistics of the vaccinations had to be more efficient, Beckers explains. “Soon we sat down with someone who understands how the GGD works. So we could find out how the processes run there. Because you don’t want people to suddenly have to do their work very differently because of our machine. The employees must experience the machine as an extension and helpful “

Looking further into the future, Beckers sees biotechnology emerging more and more. “You can grow cells for tissue or even organs. By developing artificial tissue, for example, you can avoid animal testing. Because this market is new, the reactor or test environment you need for it will often not be for sale. We can then make those systems custom-made for customers.”


"fast and directly applicable to the customer."

For Beckers, there’s nothing like bringing all those people with different insights and backgrounds together with the entrepreneur’s question. “We are working together to find a solution that benefits society. The drive and passion of the entrepreneur is what keeps the fire burning for our employees: so bring it on!”