EMC-proofing and corporate branding of printer design.

Redesigning successful products can have multiple reasons, ranging from new requirements to component end-of-life to corporate rebranding. We developed the functionally unchanged redesign of a printer for a medical application. In the process, we selected a new core module and had to ensure its EMC compatibility. We also optimized the printer’s design for efficient assembly, while aligning it with the customer’s current brand image.


  • EMC-proof printer module
  • contemporary industrial design
  • cabling design-for-assembly

long-serving medical partner.

Demcon is a development and production partner for medical technology company Laborie, which supplies diagnostic systems for urodynamics (bladder and urinary tract) and gastroenterology (gastrointestinal tract), among other things. One of its high-performing products is the compact digital Flowstar uroflowmeter, provided with a lightweight thermal printer unit for recording the uroflow. We were commissioned by Laborie to do a complete redesign, without changing the functionality, to address end-of-life issues: the printer’s core module was approaching the end of its lifecycle, while the industrial design of the housing and the user interface had long become outdated.

complete redesign.

After selecting a suitable new OEM printer module we found out that it was not EMC compatible and therefore referred to the OEM partner for modifying the design accordingly. In addition, we made a new industrial design for the printer’s housing and user interface to meet modern standards and reflect the customer’s corporate branding. To facilitate assembly, we also optimized the design for cabling in collaboration with our production partner. We then produced prototypes in our own workshop and performed EMC pre-tests to demonstrate compliance of the printer module, while Laborie finalized the formal CE certification, including EMC compatibility, of the complete Flowstar system.


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"we successfully handed over our redesign to production."

This was typically a small project for us, but it still came with quite a challenge. We had to put a lot of effort into consulting with our OEM partner for the printer module and making it EMC compatible. After finishing the redesign, we handed it over to our colleagues from Demcon production, who could then start production smoothly.