critical care systems.

Patients in critical condition require immediate essential care at the hospital or on their way there. We develop critical care solutions to maintain the patient’s vital functions in the best way possible. We do this for ventilation, dialysis and transfusion. For this, we rely on our in-depth respiratory and circulatory knowledge, and our medical product development experience.


extensive patient physiology and ventilation expertise.

Ideally, complex critical care synchronizes with the specific situation and condition of the patient, ranging from a premature infant to an adult. To that end, we incorporate our extensive knowledge of patient physiology and our broad ventilation expertise in advanced critical care solutions, applying dedicated sensorics and machine learning algorithms. For example, we specialize in measuring respiratory muscles. This provides information that helps in giving patients more air and improving their overall condition. We develop modules and complete systems and support clinical testing and medical product certification. In our work we cover safety, reliability and usability. We can also take care of series production.


“we develop patient-centered solutions.”

Whereas many medical devices follow standard ‘prescriptions’, we develop systems that support the patient with tailormade procedures. They make intelligent use of feedback about the patient’s condition and employ control algorithms derived from high-tech systems engineering. Our systems support vital functions and keep the patient in good condition before and during his treatment, contributing to the quality of life after hospital discharge.

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