21-02-2024 in-vitro diagnostics

Demcon supports research on preventing cervical cancer


Cervical cancer is generally preventable, provided that the disease is detected at an early stage. Although screening programs can prevent 92% of deaths, participation in these programs in the Netherlands is low, ranging between 50-60%. For women with a migrant background, this percentage is even lower, namely between 30-40%. For many women, participating in screening seems to be a (too) big step.

Demcon is now supporting a new research project conducted by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and Dutch Cancer Society. The aim of this research is to find new, faster, and more effective methods for detecting cervical cancer.

The research project, called ‘For women, with women,’ focuses on developing an accessible and comfortable testing method for women to self-test for cervical cancer using urine tests. These tests could be conducted independently at home. However, to achieve this, a ‘lab-on-a-chip’ is needed to analyze the urine. Our in-vitro diagnostics department has been approached to provide input during the development of this chip based on our knowledge and expertise.

Throughout the four-year project, Demcon supports the research financially and contributes practical knowledge to the scientific research. “We are pleased to be involved in such research, and it’s great that Demcon recognizes such initiatives. Together with the other partners, we can not only exchange ideas about technical concepts but also bring practical experience. In this way, we hope to shorten the path to commercialization and thus to a solution,” said Karel van Eijkeren, Business Manager IVD Systems.

Other partners in this research include: University Medical Center Amsterdam, Netherlands Cancer Institute, University of Twente, Free University of Amsterdam, Queen Wilhelmina Fund, University Medical Center Utrecht, 4 Selfscreen, Novosanis, and Micronit.

For more information about this project, visit: https://www.kwf.nl/nieuws/toekenningen-nwo-kwf-vroege-opsporing-2023 or https://www.nwo.nl/nieuws/kwf-kankerbestrijding-en-nwo-financieren-innovaties-voor-kankerdetectie