systems engineering.

A high-tech development project starts with fundamentally understanding the customer’s problem, the real question behind his initial request. Starting from that, we define the critical end-user requirements. When things really get complex, we take up the challenge to create a system architecture that provides the best multidisciplinary solution, in terms of functionality, quality, time and cost. We follow a structured systems engineering approach to translate the architecture into a validated design. Drawing on our broad mechatronic knowledge, we design innovative concepts, explore creative solutions and perform feasibility studies.


  • architecture and design
  • system integration, testing and verification
  • prototyping, modeling & simulation, experiments
  • V-model methodology and agile way of working

challenges and constraints.

Systems engineering addresses a wide variety of challenges. These range from cutting-edge specifications for a high-tech system to human-system interaction issues in a medical application. We have the technical leadership, the hard and soft skills and the stamina required for elaborating and debugging concepts and designs. For this, we take into account stakeholder interests, norms & standards, manufacturability constraints and serviceability requirements, calling upon our broad application insight and knowledge from a wide range of domains.

sr mechatronic system engineer

Michel Dansberg.

“System integration is our forte. We integrate separate disciplines in a full mechatronic design. At Demcon, we combine creative solutions within disciplines as mechanics and control to deliver system level results. That combination is unique. Even though our systems are very complex, we strive for designs that meet the performance requirements at the lowest costs and with the shortest lead times. We understand the challenges within high-tech systems between cost and achieving the highest performance.”

structured process, flexible approach.

We employ the well-known V-model to structure our systems engineering process. Starting with concept creation and architecture definition, we go through the design, realisation and test phases to arrive at qualification of our solution. We can reiterate to go from proof of principle via prototype to pre-production. We apply this model in a flexible, agile way, to smoothly accommodate changing requirements and efficiently manage project resources.







all expertises.


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