optics & vision.

High-tech and industrial system development often relies on proper optics and vision competence, for example for metrology, laser machining or inspection. With optics, we focus on the design of advanced hardware. This includes custom-made lens/mirror systems, high-resolution and hyperspectral imaging systems, 2D and 3D measurement techniques, and adaptive optics. With (machine or computer) vision, our strength lies in the advanced algorithms and the creation of optimum lighting conditions. For our vision solutions, we prefer to mainly apply standard hardware components, such as lenses and cameras, while we develop (complex) vision algorithms for image processing and analysis, incorporating machine learning if necessary.


  • optics hardware, vision software and smart combinations
  • inspection, shape measurement, vision-guided robotics, chemical imaging
  • microscopy, confocal microscopy, optical coherence tomography
  • Python, Matlab/Simulink, Halcon, Zemax

best of both worlds.

We master both optical and vision engineering, and excel at the intersection of both disciplines. When micrometers and even nanometers are specified for resolution and accuracy, we can get the most out of the hardware and software. If a vision system with standard components does not meet the optical specifications, we can make a custom optical design. Conversely, if it is not possible to extract sufficient information from measurements with an optics system using standard algorithms, we can program complex vision algorithms for image processing and analysis.

Optical system architect

Joost Kauffman.

“With our expertise on a wide range of ‘optical’ subjects and techniques, we develop (parts of) systems that have something to do with the behavior of light. Because we understand how light behaves, we are also agile and creative with signals created with light. Some of us are specialized in developing image processing algorithms and vision systems. To do this, we combine our knowledge of light and optics with camera systems to measure products or production processes, for example. Our knowledge is specialist and is continuously developing. We are eager to learn, creative and like to immerse ourselves in new technology related to our field.”

groundbreaking applications.

We do not conduct fundamental research into metrology principles or new algorithms, but rather specialize in groundbreaking applications of existing methods. When optics is the key differentiator of a mechatronic system, we provide in optical system architecting. For this, we also draw on our in-depth knowledge of signal analysis and opto-electronics as well as optomechanics, featuring principles for actuation and athermalization. In addition, we take care of prototyping and small-series assembly of optical modules, including (tooling for) alignment and qualification.







all expertises.


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