High-end product and system development heavily relies on prototyping and manufacturing expertise. We have extensive prototyping capabilities available for producing proof-of-principle set-ups and functional models as well as pilot (series) products. Our skilled engineers take on any assembly challenge and are used to working in a dynamic project environment. Highly experienced in troubleshooting and identifying potential design improvements, they can provide constructive feedback to product developers. Our forte is getting “the thing” working quickly and adequate.


  • prototype and small series assembly
  • rapid prototyping and conventional machining equipment
  • PCBA testing, EMC quick scan, high-voltage testing
  • ISO 7 cleanroom, ESD-protected area

complete facilities.

Our manufacturing facilities include fully equipped, flexible laboratories annex workshops, featuring cleanroom, prototyping and production areas, test equipment and logistics provisions. We can support the transfer of advanced designs to pre-production and series production. For this, we contribute to the technical production file and collaborate with internal and external manufacturing partners. We bring in our manufacturability knowledge and can help in defining assembly procedures and improving assembly flow.

Teamlead Prototyping Engineering

Tom Wissink.

“From a small product to a large complex machine, at Demcon we work on systems all shapes and sizes. As prototyping engineers, we transfer the system from the screen into something tangible. For me, this means that I am working on proof-of-principle setups, one-offs or systems that are in the preliminary stage for production. Our teamwork with the engineers is important, especially since we are building designs that sometimes are still in development.”

highest standards.

Working on products for a variety of markets, we have built up an extensive manufacturing track record, ranging from medical devices to industrial equipment and high-tech systems. We know how to comply with product-specific regulations and work according to the highest standards in every instance. In house, we act as the linking pin between product development and series production. In this capacity, we provide input for improving the development effectiveness and efficiency, and for increasing the production output.







all expertises.


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