industrial design.

In high-end product development, industrial design engineering revolves around the interaction between the intended user and the product. This includes appearance, functionality and user expectations. We use our imagination to translate the dreams of our customers into a vision of what is possible, setting tangible goals for further development. For this, we focus on ergonomics, aesthetics, user-friendliness and safety, drawing on our knowledge of integrated product design, materials, manufacturing technologies, interaction design and user experience.


  • integrated product design
  • materials and manufacturing technologies
  • ideation, prototyping and usability testing
  • UI/UX design and prototyping
  • 3D modelling, rendering, animation

user experience design.

We have specialized in user experience design to define and validate a new product’s value proposition. We use UX/UI prototyping tools to test dreams against reality and we learn from our findings to create unique, feasible concepts. Investigating the interests of the various stakeholders, we identify current use challenges and critical usability features. For medical device development, we follow the usability engineering processes to maximize the likelihood that these devices will be safe and effective for the intended users and use environments.

Sr Industrial Design Engineer

Bas Groenendaal.

“We develop an aesthetic design that strengthens the client’s brand and translate it into a product that combines functionality, cost, assembly and manufacturability. Always with the end user in mind. I see it as the responsibility of industrial designers to help our clients and colleagues to understand and address the true needs of the user. This really motivates us and even makes us stubborn at times. By mastering all the tools to investigate, ideate, build, test and iterate, we make ‘imagine tomorrow’ visual and tangible. We are no design agency, neither are we a typical engineering agency. We are both.”

cross-pollination and knowledge sharing.

As a broad, generalist expertise, industrial design promotes multidisciplinary cross-pollination and knowledge sharing. We have common ground with disciplines such as mechatronic systems engineering for concept development, mechanical engineering regarding construction principles and manufacturability, and software engineering concerning the user interface design. Our commitment covers every stage of product development, from concept design to systems engineering and, ultimately, production engineering.







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