In electronic and electrical engineering, we develop multidisciplinary solutions for challenging products based on system requirements, starting from the system architecture definition. We provide PCBA design and layout for product and system development, as well as cabinet and cabling design for machine building in advanced mechatronic systems. In our own lab, we have extensive facilities for making design iterations and testing and validating designs.


  • architecture, design and layout
  • μ-controllers, FPGAs, DSPs, embedded/industrial PCs, PLCs
  • ISO 13485, CE, UL, MDR, EMC
  • cabinet and cabling design for challenging applications
  • value engineering and design for manufacturing

fast motion controllers, ultralow-power wearables, advanced power electronics.

Within the field of mechatronic systems engineering, we specialize in electronics for fast, flexible, high-bandwidth motion control. We also design electronics for computing, communication and user interfacing. For small products such as wearables, we draw on our experience with miniaturization, sensors, ultralow-power technology and wireless communication. At the other end of the spectrum, we work on power electronics for new energy systems. For product development of consumer or medical electronics, we perform value engineering and follow design-for-manufacturing procedures, focusing on reliability and high yield.

Electronics Engineer

Bram Witteman.

“As electronics engineers, we design the heart of the machine that connects all disciplines, software, mechanics and mechatronics. We start with a functional description and end with a verified PCBA or cabinet that is ready for production. We like to come up with simple, not overly complicated, solutions for difficult problems. What makes us unique is the variety of projects. We design everything from life-critical machines that run 24/7 without problems, to micro Kelvin stable temperature sensors.”

cleanroom, vacuum and other challenging environments.

We master a broad range of platforms, from plc to industrial pc. In each project, we select the appropriate platform depending on the required functionality, capacity and peripherals configuration. For high-tech advanced mechatronic systems in vacuum environments and cleanrooms we have to take into account minimal outgassing and heat dissipation when developing the control cabinets.







all expertises.


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